FATO Congresses


By organizing its congresses & exposition, FATO intends to stimulate and promote a multidisciplinary approach in rehabilitation. The International Congress of FATO provides opportunities to exchange experiences and knowledge for rehabilitation professionals to support career development to improve quality of services, to lead discussions in achieving results for sustainable services and engage in solutions for social change to remove barriers people with disabilities face to access services. The FATO Congress also aims at strengthening the federating role of the FATO in order to consolidate the rehabilitation sector in Africa.

To foster synergies and improved results, current and future actors involved within the rehabilitation sector, working in Africa and beyond, are encouraged to participate in the FATO congress. FATO recommends countries to participate with multidisciplinary teams, orthotists and prosthetists, physical therapists, rehabilitation professionals, surgeons and physicians, policy makers such as representatives of the Ministries of Health, Social Affairs, educational institutions, disability organizations, physically disabled people and donors. Its main guests consist of corporate partners, donors, exhibitors, professional organizations and students.

Previous Congresses organized by FATO