Jeanne Kagwiza

JeanneKAGWIZAJeanne Kagwiza hold a PhD in Physiotherapy. She is the Dean of the School of Health Sciences of the University of Rwanda-College of Medicine and Health where she is involve in teaching and research, and hold a senior lecturer academic position. Jeanne Kagwiza is a member of the Rwandan Association for Physiotherapists, the Africa onfederation for Physiotherapists, and the World Confederation for Physiotherapists. She is a member of the ATO Executive Board, a member of Board of Directors of the Africa Organisation for the Development of Centres for People living with Disability (OADCPH), Fellow of LEAD Africa/LEAD international Organisation and African Doctoral Dissertation Research Fellowships and member of Board of Directors of Action Aid (Rwanda). in good standing with a number professional councils and Professional societies /associations which includes FATO where he serves as Vice President.